Disruptions in the operation of our countries' infrastructure may put at risk the functioning of our societies and their economies. Such disruptions may result from many kinds of hazards and attacks on installations and systems. Recent events demonstrate the increased interconnection among the impact of hazards and, conversely, the usefulness for operators to combine safety and physical security solutions to protect installations of critical infrastructures. Our solutions can be adapted to any Critical Infrastructure to integrate facilities, equipment, personnel, sensor data, procedures and communications to provide enhanced situation awareness and decision support, by using recent State-of-the-Art advanced technologies and research developments at European level.

Key benefits for Critical Infrastructure Operators:

  • Centralised or distributed deployments to support different levels of coordination at local, regional and national levels
  • Manage efficiently and seamlessly both day-to-day incidents as well as respond to crisis through the same user interface
  • Comprehensive supervision of operations and data flows, event correlation and alarm management
  • Real-time information on resources (personnel, vehicles, assets) status and location
  • Advanced 3D visualization and common operational picture generation and sharing
  • Integrated Communications
  • Innovative simulation environment for impact/risk and resilience assessment of the Critical Infrastructure under various hazards stress (extreme weather, floods, earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, CBRNe etc)
  • Quantitate assessment of various risk management approaches, countermeasures and adaptation strategies and plans
  • Set up risk-based response strategies adapted to specific scenarios and define efficient standard response procedures



As nodes in the air transport network, airports play a crucial role. Airport operations are key to the overall security and safety of the air traffic infrastructure, the passengers who use it and the data flows that make it work.


Sensitive sites and major events need protection from everyday levels of threat, such as crowd incidents and unauthorised access, and from more sophisticated, organised threats including terrorist attacks and organised crime.


The transportation system is a complex network of infrastructure, vehicles, power sources, communications, and human capital and its role in economic revival and in global economic competition has never been more important.