VSAT technology is used in order to provide communications in remote areas where other communication means are not available. Satways has specific experience in providing VSAT based solutions in two domains:

  • Fixed VSAT network for SCADA like applications
  • SATCOM On-The-Move
Satways can design and implement VSAT based solutions according to the specific project requirements. Being able to provide solutions based on various technologies (including Hub based, Hubless DAMA, SCPC) and topologies (Star, Mesh, Point-to-Point and Hybrid networks) with access to multiple satellite networks, Satways can deliver high-speed data, voice and video communications to and from customers in any environment, whether on land, or at sea.
Regarding fixed VSAT networks, Satways has already implemented several turn-key solutions around the world supporting mainly geophysical and environmental data telemetry.
Regarding SATCOM On-The-Move, basically there are two kind of solutions according to the antenna technology:
  • mobile Antennas that are installed in moving vehicles, train, and boats/ships and airplanes
  • Flyways Antennas that is deployed in 2 to 10 minutes for applications in Broadcast, Defense, Backup, Homeland Security and special occasions anywhere in the world that satellite communications is available in Ku-Band mainly

Benefits of VSAT solutions

  • A VSAT Network can be provided through a lease arrangement with fixed transmission costs regardless of distance.
  • The user retains complete control of the way information is communicated within the network and how much bandwidth is required to be alocated. This generates flexibility, particularly where new VSAT sites need to be added, or existing sites need to be moved or removed from the network.
  • High availability and excellent transmission quality. VSAT Networks also guarantee the highest performance levels among all communication alternatives
  • VSATs can be installed anywhere the business has a site irrespective of the terrestrial communications infrastructure
  • VSAT Networks offer a single vendor for equipment service, installation & maintenance of the entire network
  • VSAT Networks offer superior flexibility and performance. Adding a site is quick and easy, and higher network availability levels are easy to obtain
  • VSAT Networks can be secured with VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) using industrial strength encryption.
  • Rapid deployment: the deployment at the customer premises can be done (usually in hours), with minimum training. And the deployment can be done in any region, irrespective of where it is located
  • QoS: VSAT Networks support QoS (Quality of Service) and Layer 2 prioritization policies to be applied across the WAN link which enables real time applications to be deployed across the network.
  • Bandwidth on Demand: VSAT networks support and are better suited for Bandwidth on Demand services than their terrestrial counterparts.