Rather than a simple focus on deploying smart cities solutions, Satways is pushing the concept of safer cities through technology and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. A Smart City is a city where people feel Safe!
City safety is at the core of every smart city deployment. No other city service is able to provide safer, less congested streets to help cities attract the investment, businesses and skilled workers that fuels economic growth, while potentially saving billions. To prosper, cities must invest in their safety infrastructure today to position themselves for the future. Urban resilience is an imperative as cities address a vast array of risks and threats, from petty crime to lethal terrorist attacks and natural or man-made disasters. The challenge they face is to share information rapidly between public agencies, law enforcement, security services, emergency services and critical infrastructure operators and build the common operational picture they need to respond effectively.
Our Safe and Smart City concept include deploying all types of sensors in designated areas, mobile and wearable sensors and devices for mobile data, installing a communications network, integrate with legacy systems and setting up regional and central intelligent command and control centers. This infrastructure along with our integrated and scalable solutions, is used for the implementation of various services ranging from law enforcement and emergency response up to city management (parking, lighting, traffic, environmental monitoring) and applications for citizens. In addition advanced natural and man-made hazards impact assessment simulation and early warning capabilities are used for estimating the expected impact of possible disastrous future events and thus assess the most efficient measures for better city adaptation to climate change and other hazards, prioritize interventions to minimize the exposure and vulnerability of city critical assets and infrastructure, warn population for an imminent event and plan efficient collaborative response enabling all involved agencies and volunteers.