Satways telematics are applied in virtually every industry such as transportation, Oil, Gas & Mining, first responders, security companies, home care, car rental companies, waste management, insurance etc. starting from traditional location tracking solutions and fleet management up to more integrated resources optimization and management solutions where the current telematics environment is not only capable of reporting resources location and sensor data, but also information on behavior patterns, tracking performance, sending information pertaining to maintenance issues, advanced descriptive and predictive data analytics and other crucial reports that not only support the current operations, but also permit the services optimization in the future. Based on Satways modular software platform, every solution is tuned to the exact user requirements in a time and cost efficient way. Satways telematics are hardware agnostic supporting any kind of telematics device and any kind of communication means such as GSM/GPRS/3G/4G, various flavors of TETRA and DMR, L-Band and VSAT, VHF/UHF etc as well as vessel AIS and aircraft ADS-B communication protocols.


  • Increase routing and dispatching efficiency
  • Provide a theft-recovery solution for company vehicles
  • Shape employee safe driving behaviors
  • Audit employee productivity
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use
  • Collect real-time information to optimize routes and increase productivity
  • Control fuel costs by reducing wasteful fuel consumption
  • Control Work Hours
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Remotely diagnose maintenance requirements and Reduce maintenance Costs
  • Improve driver safety and increase fleet security
  • Improve vehicle utilization

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