Motus 32-3

32-bit Digitizer & Recorder

MOTUS 32-3 is an all-in-one 3-channel high resolution (32bit) low noise digitizer with selectable gain, embedded computing, communication modules, GPS receiver that synchronize a high accuracy RTC and IP68 environmental protection especially designed to meet the harsh field conditions of several seismic related applications.

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Motus 16-SM

16-bit Accelerograph

MOTUS 16-SM is a Class C, low cost 16bit accelerograph with noise MEMS tri-axial accelerometer, a power control (UPS) unit and internal battery that can support the unit operation in cases of power outages for several hours, an integrated processing unit enabling on-site processing, Ethernet port for data telemetry, GPS receiver for time synchronization and IP65 environmental protection.

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Motus FAS

Field Acquisition Server

MOTUS Field Acquisition Server is a ruggedized (IP67) processing unit consisting of a powerful processing board with SSD disks in RAID configuration for local storage, LCD screen, keyboard with touchpad and embedded wifi multichannel router, that can be deployed in the field to support real time acquisition of a MOTUS digitizers local network with Wifi connectivity.

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Motus NMS

Seismic Network Management System

MOTUS NMS is the Network Management System of Satways digitizers and accelerographs. Developed with state of the art Web technologies, MOTUS NMS is able to work with static and dynamic IP device addresses by either scanning the local network or using instrument pre-configured settings.

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