MOTUS 16-SM is a Class C, low cost 16bit accelerograph with noise MEMS tri-axial accelerometer, a power control (UPS) unit and internal battery that can support the unit operation in cases of power outages for several hours, an integrated processing unit enabling on-site processing, Ethernet port for data telemetry, GPS receiver for time synchronization and IP65 environmental protection. The unit has an external USB adaptor for additional communication options (3G,4G,Wifi). There is though a web interface for remote and local parameter setup, SOH and control.

The integrated processing unit comes with linux OS and hosts a seedlink or Earthworm server to enable real-time data acquisition and telemetry. Miniseed data are stored in the microSD card for local archive.


MOTUS 16-SM can be installed as:

A node of the G-sense Automated Rapid Damage Assessment System. The G-sense system consists of MOTUS 16-SM nodes installed in different floors of a building and a gateway (mini PC) for real-time data acquisition, analysis and archiving. In case of an important earthquake event, the gateway is calculating the inter-story drift for every floor and estimates the damage probabilities by using the building fragility curves and sends damage alerts (CAP Alerts) to MOTUS NMS that monitors all G-sense installations in different buildings of a city. It is worthy to mention that MOTUS 16-SM nodes supports NTP synchronization, in order to provide accurate time to the units that are installed in building locations where a GPS antenna cannot reach open sky
A node of Structural Monitoring System for structures such as bridges, dams, port quay walls and piers
A standalone accelerograph to provide alarms in cases of an earthquake event in smart buildings and Cities
A node of a strong motion network for low cost ShakeMap and ShakeAlert implementations, since 16bts are enough to record strong earthquake motion. In addition, MOTUS 16-SM is computing on-site the strong motion parameters required for ShakeMap generation and sends them at the central acquisition server, avoiding the real-time data transmission, minimizing thus, the communication costs


Ideal for

  • Automated Earthquake Rapid Damage Assessment
  • Structural Monitoring of Buildings, Bridges, Dams, Port Quay Walls and Piers
  • ShakeMap and ShakeAlert
  • Smart Buildings and Cities
  • Earthquake Alarming


Input Voltage 5 VDC
Operating Power Consumption ∼3W
Internal UPS with 2600mAh LiPO battery (Up to 5 hours Autonomy, Automatic battery charger)
Powering Options
  • Ext. AC adapter
  • Ext. battery
  • Solar panel
  • Internal Accelerometer
    Acceleration Measurement Range ± 2 g
    Acceleration Measurement Resolution 76.3 μg
    Frequency Range DC to 497 Hz
    White Noise σ 300 μg
    Noise Density 45 μg / √Hz
    Minimum Drift σ 37 μg
    Sensitivity 660 mV/g
    ADC Board
    Analog to Digital Converter Resolution 16 bit
    Current Consumption (Max) 35 mA
    Sampling Rate 1 Hz to 1000 Hz
    Dynamic Range 93.8 dB
    Time Base
    Type GPS with ext. antenna
    Time Accuracy (GPS locked) < 10 μsec
    NTP Synchronization < 80 μsec
    Integrated Processing Unit
    Operating System Linux
    RAM 512 MB
    Storage (microSD) 32 GB
    Communications Ethernet, WiFi, USB
    Recording modes Cont., Event (STA/LTA), Level
    Data Format (seedlink server installed) mSEED
    Environmental Protection IP65
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