MOTUS 32-3 is an all-in-one 3-channel high resolution (32bit) low noise digitizer with selectable gain, embedded computing, communication modules, GPS receiver that synchronize a high accuracy RTC and IP68 environmental protection especially designed to meet the harsh field conditions of several seismic related applications.

The digitizer has an external USB adaptor for data retrieval in the field and an internal USB module; data are stored in both devices for redundancy in order to eliminate the possibility of losing valuable data. There are several built-in communication module options and an Ethernet port as well for possible additional external communication options. A night readable LCD screen along with 4 control buttons enable the user to see the digitizer status and perform control functionalities as well, in the field without the need of an additional external control equipment (laptop or PDA). There is though a web interface for remote and local setup, command and control.

The embedded Computing module with linux OS host a seedlink server to enable real-time data acquisition and telemetry. Miniseed data are stored in both USB devices for local archive.


Ideal for Temporary and Permanent Installations

  • Passive Tomography Deployments
  • Earthquake Early Warning
  • Aftersock Studies
  • Micro-zonation Surveys
  • Site Noise Surveys
  • Structural Monitoring


Wide range of capabilities

  • Modular and Expandable Design
  • High Resolution and Accuracy
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Selectable Gain
  • Outstanding Low Noise
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Various Communications Options
  • Easy removable mass data storage
  • Backup storage to avoid data loss


Dimensions 190x150x58mm
Weight 1,2Kg
Watertight Integrity IP68
Shock Survives a 1 meter drop
Operating Temperature −20° to +70°C
Operating power voltage 7 to 28 VDC
Average Power Consumption Less than 1W
Power input protection Over voltage, ESD, Over current and Inverse polarity protections
Interfaces Ethernet, RS232
Optional modules 3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi (mesh/star topology)
A/D Converter 3channels Delta-Sigma, 32bit (one per channel)
Digital filtering FIR, IIR
Ultra Low Noise 5 nV/√Hz
SNR 138 dB @ 250 sps
High Accuracy THD: −122 dB
Sampling Rates 1 up to 1000sps
Gain Selection 1 up to 64
Input Full Scale Selectable from 10VPP to 40VPP differential
Embedded Processing Unit
Powerful Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM; Linux based OS, hosting seedlink acquisition server; web server for remote set-up and control; capability for onsite customized analysis
Media recording (Data & SOH) External IP68 USB up to 64GBytes for easy field replacement Internal backup USB for redundancy
Recording mode Continuous Programmable duration
Trigger Programmable STA/LTA, threshold
Time Base
Type GPS receiver
Accuracy with GPS +/−1usec
Free-Running Accuracy 0.5 ppm over the temp. range of 0° to 70°C
Support of continuous and cycle mode
Capability to time sync other digitizers through NTP server
Additional Capabilities
LCD screen 2x16 characters (night readable)
4 buttons for basic control in the field
Capability to update firmware remotely
Hardware based watchdog
Protected output voltage to sensor
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