MOTUS NMS is the Network Management System of Satways digitizers and accelerographs. Developed with state of the art Web technologies, MOTUS NMS is able to work with static and dynamic IP device addresses by either scanning the local network or using instrument pre-configured settings.

MOTUS NMS accesses, stores and serves the hardware Stateof- Health (SoH) packets containing the status of the various firmware services and resource metrics.

The system offers a range of data visualization and management tools to assist in monitoring and control of your seismic instrument network.

State of Health Information

  • Device name and label
  • LAN and WAN IP addresses
  • Acquisition service status
  • Archive service status
  • Contact time
  • Instrument temperature
  • Memory status
  • Available disk(s) space
  • GPS data
  • Clock sync
  • Firmware and Instrument version

Key Features

  • IP address discovery of instrumentation on local and public networks
  • Access and archive of SoH data in RDBMS
  • Remote upgrade of MOTUS 32-3 and MOTUS 16-SM instruments
  • Support of sorting and multiple filtering on tabular data
  • Comprehensive Map based visualization of instruments and events from MOTUS 16-SM (Common Alerting Protocol)
  • Intuitive map symbology and dashboard widgets
  • Control of warning and critical thresholds per instrument type
  • Flexible multi-View user interface
  • Responsive, Resilient, Scalable and Message-driven Web app
  • OS Platform independent

Typical Deployment

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